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Sebastian Adams

Creator of Emotionscapes – The Art Of Intention ,Co Author of The Suited Hippy And The Stress Junkie , trained coach, hypnotherapist and various energy healing modalities.

I love art. I’m particularly attracted by the fertile ground that colour and motion provide for the seeds  of thought and emotion.  I’ve always been equal parts creative and logical. You might call it split personality or balanced depending on your viewpoint  ;-). My art is a combination of both.

One of my earliest memories was as an infant sitting in a Cornish meadow with my dad and brother painting .  Painting is something I’ve always done but now when I paint, I paint with a greater freedom of expression. It mirrors what I do in coaching.

  • I have an agenda given me by a client,
  • a process or structure, in this case intentions/values
  • and from that I play with energy and intuition to see what emerges.

For many years  I’ve been interested in the mind, energy and reality My interest has led me to study coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation, reikki, Emotional Freedom, the Body Mirror System,  and other energy manipulation and healing techniques. These all have given me experience and developed the intuitive part of the process in my art.

I also write and I am currently writing the second in the suited hippy series called ‘The Angry Boss’. These are self-coaching novels. The angry boss is  aimed at anyone who either is or has to deal with a controlling or autocratic boss. It’s a novel where the ‘angry boss’ enlists a coach to help him expand his business and in the process transforms his life and the lives of those around him.

Some of my core values are : play , joy, creativity, family, balance , beauty , travel and  exploration.

Our potential is not finite and to be harvested but is infinite and to be set free..